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Since established in 1956, we have produced and sold the pump, the compressor, and the pump applied products.
As a research and development based company, We are developing not only the water circulation products but the medical related products.

Company Profile

Company KPS Industry Co., Ltd.
President Mr. Masakazu Mastumoto
Establishment February, 1956
Capital 60 million yen
Employees 70 workers
Bank-account THE SHIGA BANK, LTD. (Kusatsu Branch)
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. (Otsu Branch)
The Nanto Bank, Ltd. (Keihanna Plaza Branch)
ISO certification acquired ISO9001/ISO14001

Company History

Feb 1956 Kawachi Seiki Industry Co., Ltd, founded in East Osaka City and started to supply the motor and a parts of Household Electric Well Pump to Sanyo electric company.
May 1959 Start to produce household Electric Well Pumps
Nov 1963 Become a subsidiary company of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Feb 1974 Change the company name to Sanyo Seki Industry Co., Ltd.
Mar 1976 Planning and Design division transferred from Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Dec 1988 Start to produce the products with non-pump products such as steam cleaners.
Mar 1998 ISO9001 certification acquired
Dec 1998 ISO14001 certification acquired
Sept 2001 SANYO Electronic Co., Ltd transferred total number of Shares to Kusatsu Electric Co., Ltd.
Apr 2002 Company name changes to KPS Industry Co., Ltd, 
(Kusatsu Pump System)
Oct 2004 Starts to produce Air Compressor
Mar 2009 Small pumps exhibited at "TECHNO FRONTIER 2009" held at Makuhari Messe
Apr 2009 The headquarters has moved from East-Osaka to the site in kansai Science City
Dec 2011 With the end of the domestic sales business of Sanyo's Well pump, Start to sales of the household wells pumps with KPS brand
Sept 2013 The development of a solar well pump system is adopted in the support for development of manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises and small-scale businesses in 2012
Jan 2014 The 「11th Everything about Water Expo 2014」 held in New Delhi (India) exhibited a pump for wells and a micro bubble generator
Mar 2014 ASIA Water 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Exhibited pumps for wells and micro bubble generators
Sept 2014 Development of "ultra-small compressors for medical use" is adopted in subsidies for small and small businesses, manufacturing, commercial and service innovation projects
Oct 2014 Solar Well pump system exhibited at Biwako Environmental business Messe 2014 held in Nagahama City (Shiga Prefecture)
May 2015 Piston type of compressors was exhibited at China International Medical Equipment Exposition (CMEF2015) held in Shanghai (China)
Sept 2015 Participated in the development of a micro-motor for home-use oxygen concentrator with innovative winding technology, a strategic fundamental technology support project (in fiscal 2015) promoted by Kusatsu head Office
Nov 2015 A piston-type compressor was adopted in the JETRO Support project (now the New Export Power Consortium).
Feb 2016 Piston type of compressors was exhibited at "MD&M West 2016" held in Anaheim (United States)
Oct 2017 Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 2015 edition
Dec 2017 "A proposal for the introduction of solar well pump systems to non-water supply and non-electrified areas in Myanmar" is adopted by year Small and medium-sized enterprises overseas expansion Support Project by JICA.

Approach to quality and environment


Quality and environmental policy

We listen humbly to our customers' voices,
We always focus on quality improvement and environmental improvement.

We are committing to the highest priority in all sections of the company, to reduce environmental impact, to prevent pollution, to protect the environment, and to comply with other requirements that we have deemed necessary, and to continuously improve our management system, We will establish quality and environmental policy to become a necessary company for our customers and society.

the quality and environmental goals
  1. To incorporate the customer's voice into the activities of each sections.
  2. To work as if the customers are beside and do the job without mistakes
  3. To make progress in the system of quality control and to share information.
  4. To develop environmentally friendly products.
    1. (1) Reduction of power consumption and promotion of small weight.
    2. (2) Elimination of substances with no environmentally suitable.
    3. (3) Improvement of recycling rate
  5. Always work to reduce CO2 in corporate activities and home life.
  6. To eliminate waste thoroughly through the activities as organizing, Cleaning, Discipline

In order to achieve the above the quality and the environmental policy, we set, execute, and maintain specific quality and environmental objectives and targets. We will review every year including quality and environmental policy. Through public relations activities and the educational activities. To ensure that all employees are aware of environmental policies. We will improve our activity raising our awareness to the quality and environment by posting in-house.

KPS Industry Co., Ltd.
President Mr. Masakazu Mastumoto